Awarded 5* by the UK 'Mental Health Foundation'       

2005...There are SO many people suffering out there that I felt it necessary to try to depict exactly what mind processes take place when we get interwoven in that terrible fighting/flighting cycle of panic and the subsequent coping behaviours. These can become a never-ending whirr of confusion and desperation....

2018...So Will I have come a long way with this! I now understand that flow is all I have to achieve, but achieving this is actually letting it happen without rising up against it to stop it. Such an easy misinterpretation but one which will now stay with me. Thanks for all you've done and our conversations over the last few years have been truly golden. For any sufferers out there, really believe you will get through this as it seems there are so many of us out there - panic is merely a dislike of what we think/feel (which we can't help) and then a reaction to that dislike. It's a control thing and rather than leaving that natural flowing process to happen we try to fix it. The key to calmness is to smoothly accept all that 'comes in' without baulking at that pain. Jed



This is ALL about dealing with our temptation to become 'elevated and reactive', with our minds racing. Due to our character types, we can often have very intense thinking processes. This, combined with the 'then' need for absolute control/clarity means we can escalate into conscious and reactive mind racing, trying too hard to control it all. 

So....there is NOTHING wrong with our thinking - however, due to our yearning for clarity/perfection, or believing our thinking is wrong (when it's stressful), we can often find ourselves taking a secondary look at our thoughts. This is usually typified by us head-talking and analysing our thoughts retrospectively. This might seem pointless, but we can then easily get ourselves trapped in this never-ending cycle of analysing and over-controlling those very normal, but often discomforting thoughts.

So, when we 'think' we have to do something to cure our bygone thinking - it's this very controlling that becomes the you will see, this is 'typified' by us forcefully stopping our thinking.