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Going back to the summary  - how do we live in a momentary existence?

There will be times during this account when I will refer to certain things i.e. if you could imagine a free flowing stream running downhill, this is what I would equate to a flowing existence where any thoughts that we have are momentary and fleeting, regardless of being good or bad, or even horrible!

Whilst this may not be comfortable at times (and I will often refer to the panic sufferers mindset being a very intense one where there can be a lot of discomforting times) we actually have to exist with this and 'abstain' from overcontrolling them... and I sometimes refer to recovery as 'surviving it' because many people live stressful lives. Yes, I think that our genetic make up and our experiences in life are both responsible for this condition, but how we deal with it is very important when we have those discomforting thoughts, caused by life's stresses and our intense make-up. go through the exact processes when we feel stressed

1. our mind starts to race when we're stressed and it is at this point that we have a natural protective measure in-built that helps us to cut off or 'come out' of these thoughts (this is when we actually become 'aware' of our thinking), just like snapping out of a daydream. Because we are stressed at this point of awareness and feeling in discomfort - we are then severely tempted to 'stop' ourselves in our tracks and force ourselves to analyse where we're at..

2. At this conscious juncture, we have a choice we can then either force our way back in to that discomfort, trying to reason with it, repair it, make sense of it (this natural temptation unfortunately is the wrong move and is the fight or flight response thatís often refer to in so many journals/websites). So, this forced response leads to us actually making an issue of that discomfort so that it is still stuck in our heads... so that flowing stream is running downhill and it then starts to go faster as we may have thoughts which are stressful or worrying.

Our mind at cut-off point (ref Ch4) from this stress then leaves us with a strong temptation to force back into that stress, as we feel in discomfort and are now aware of that stress.


This is a very important point as we then start to hold on to that previous experience so as the stream is running faster down that hill, we are now forcefully putting boulders along the base of the riverbed or stream and building that up as we battle with it. If we 'force' further, we eventually build up that damn and stop that flowing river and this is the way I like to describe our panic experience - the damn builds up pressure behind it and our mind races even more into desperation (ref The Panic Scramble - Method of Recovery Diagram Ch 3).