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So, in summary, once we understand the mind processes at work we will steadily understand that forcing bit - when we try so hard to work out what is happening to us. Is is 'this' which is the problem. The rest may not be pleasant as we may be intense as detailed, but our only hope of moving on and through life is to avoid fighting that tendency to react post-spike.

Then we will have a chance to edge forward and pick up the positive habit as we go along.
This has very much happened with me as I certainly have a spring in my step now and even though there will be times when I still regularly spike (with stressful thoughts)...I know not to fight against it and hold off doing that as it will be forced and unnecessary. The skill of abstaining from that temptation is there and I know also that I will get through those bad periods simply because I have allowed myself to flow through them.

Posiitve control DOES also happen but is never complete or total. Being in the moment does mean we will get more control in life but this has to be a gradual and patient process (see Ch 5 -positive control)

On Fri Apr 25 2014 14:59, sent This book was written by Will Beswick, who is one of the very few people whose views I respect on the subject of anxiety and the recovery from it. He is also a very nice, genuine person who in the past has given up a lot of his own time to help other sufferers. Will and I have kept in contact over the years since I first developed my site and in one of his emails he mentioned that he felt the time was right for him to write his own book on the subject. I told him I thought that would be a great idea as I admire his work and have always thought it should be available to a wider audience. Once completed, Will sent me a copy of his book and asked if I would review it for him and offer my opinion on it. This book proved to be a real eye opener for me and is one of the very few books I have read on the subject to which I could completely relate and which helped to increase my knowledge. I passed the book on to a couple of friends who were suffering from anxiety in the hope that it would help them also. They thought it was fantastic. I 'genuinely' believe it will help sufferers who are plagued with scary thoughts and obsessive behaviour. Scary thoughts are one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and Will does an excellent job of explaining this frightening symptom in more detail and, more importantly, gives a far better understanding of how to break the cycle, which has also helped me personally. About The Book Will, like me, never promises overnight cures; he understands that recovery does not come this way. He teaches that recovery comes through understanding and knowledge. The book tells his own story of suffering and how it affected his life for many years. While at University and at the height of his own suffering he went on to develop his own ideas and beliefs of what was truly wrong with him and how he could help himself (re COPAST). I have read the book from start to finish and believe that it can do nothing but help people to truly develop their understanding and knowledge on the subject, knowledge that can take them a lot further towards their goal of recovery from this terrible illness. Anyone who knows me can confirm that I don't advertise anything and never affiliate myself to any product. Regards Paul