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COPAST - The Concept Of Primary And Secondary Thinking

This is the 'framework' for my understanding and recovery. Basically, we 'leap' into secondary and unnecessary thinking when we are stressed and this just exacerbates our problems...but we can avoid following that temptation no matter how strong.

 Without education, this temptation can become immensely destructive as it did with me.

This can all start off with just 'one' thought - it may be about your weight/something you've said/done and can soon become something that sets off a catalogue of mind-bending depression and desperation, as you become stuck.

Indeed, sufferers questions and experiences are also covered in depth in the book from all different angles including self-harm and obsessive strategies we may use to escape our discomfort.

In summary, the mind is such a powerful organ - however if we understand the processes at work when we are compromised by our thoughts, we can start to make headway with this incredibly destructive affliction.

By the way, the book's conclusion is 'not' that you shouldn't be how you are - it's just more a case of fine-tuning as may well always live on that fine line between being very productive and/or creative, or being completely destructive ...BUT if you learn how to stay on the right side of that line - life can be immensely productive with the positive and 'calmer' flowing you.