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Understanding Is 'Everything'


Teaching you to stay 'on' task

This provision has thankfully helped many sufferers of stress, panic, anxiety and the many subsequent repetitive coping behaviours which follow. The whole purpose of this talking facility is to help sufferers understand that the mind 'can' cope with stressful, intense and often multiple negative situations without the ensuing panic.

'Flow Tuition' is a 30 minute free one:one talking session, via Mob/Landline/Facetime, or Skype. Sessions focus on sufferers being given 'manageable' steps to understand how to better stay in flow - actually an easier thing when we understand it. Whilst giving immediate relief, it also gives you the chance to develop better long term habits by understanding that positive, self-confident flow is something we unnecessarily leave although we are understandably tempted to 'engage with' that self-doubting by tensing up against thoughts that have already come and gone. 

Just email me to arrange a time.
Example...Mar 2019
Hi Will, 
I'm reading part of your book and a few times you say that our primary thoughts are usually the right ones and initial thoughts are the truth..
Is this the case when we're more balanced and have allowed our positives to grow? But not all the time? 
The majority of my initial thoughts are negative, horrible, wierd thoughts and I'm trying accept these as no bearing on reality, just anxiety/old patterns talking, and let them go.. 
I don't want to even contemplate that my initial thoughts are the truth.. 
I think I may have misunderstood something here.. 

Hi J what I mean by that is our initial thoughts - whilst real and true do 'not' necessarily have to be acted on.
For example - I manage a football club and especially this morning after a meeting last night - I had a lot of negatives about some of the coaches who are all supposed to work to a set structure - however, whilst I 'may' have had the thoughts to let some of them go - this doesnt mean to say it happens!! What I do by allowing all these thoughts to happen is that balance comes about via me flowing through ALL of these thoughts. As the day grew - I then had other positive thoughts which countered the 'sacking' element and and I subsequently fine tuned my view on how to deal with the situation.

So,, whilst all thoughts are intense and real (you will always have an intense mind but that is actually very positive) - the problem is when we stall with these thoughts by tensing up against them as they get bigger than they have to - you have to let them pass and then your 'actions' will be generally better timed and the right ones!! Again the solution is not to tense up against them when tempted.