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Understanding Is Everything


Teaching you to stay 'on' task

This provision has thankfully helped many sufferers of stress, panic, anxiety and the many subsequent repetitive coping behaviours. The whole purpose of this talking facility is to help sufferers understand that the mind 'can' cope with stressful, intense and often multiple negative situations without the ensuing panic.

'Flow Tuition' is a free one:one talking session, via Mob/Landline, or Skype. Sessions focus on sufferers being given 'manageable' steps to understand how to better stay in flow - actually an easier thing. Whilst giving immediate relief, it also gives you the chance to develop better long term habits by understanding that positive, self-confident flow is something we unnecessarily leave. 

SKYPE sessions are free...just email me to arrange a time.

It's a mind speed thing...

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No problem .. and another parallel I just explained to someone very similar to you is imagine your panicky/anxious mind as a motor.

This is idle when we are calm and working subconsciously and momentarily - it's not perfect in any way but everything is low issue. When we feel that mind motor starting up, we just have to be aware to dampen it/calm it back down - it's only a brief adjustment but one which keeps it at bay.
There will be times especially in the early days when this is incredibly difficult due to the discomfort of it always wanting to start/race up - in our temptation to over-control/react to any stresses that we may be encountering as well as the generally anxious state that has accumulated over time.

As such, recovery is actually just a mental awareness when we feel that panic motor starting up - to deflate/dampen it to slow our racing mind and stay rational. Expecting perfection with calming will see that over-controlling motor starting up again hence why recovery is really a brief re-adjustment 'just' to get back to flow - not to force perfection or we will race all over again..

Hope that helps thanks Will

Thanks Will it totally does. I see exactly what you mean now. I see how not going to that point helps so much. I can see just how much things are changing by not 'doing' of course I was trying to get things perfect...typical me!! I was trying too hard!! I see now that by not going to that point, slowly the thoughts will lose their power and my anxiety levels will fall which will take away the DP symptoms. Its like I almost see the cycle!! My it took a while didnt it lol!! 

Thank you for being patient with me, I know now that this time I understand myself so much more and I feel like once I've recovered fully that I wont fall back into the loop. Yes I'll have moments but they will stay just that and not take over my life.

A few years ago when I first read your book alongside Paul's I thought I got it...I didn't!! I thought I had to not care but thats still a doing all I have to do is not go to that panic point no matter how many times they come. I see just by doing this over a week how I'm sleeping much better and although my freak outs happen they're not as strong. Before when the panic would come about confusion I would "calm" or so I thought but then my mind would start overcontrolling things. Telling myself this is just anxiety etc etc. Now i just dont go there at all. Its so simple when you see it i just have no idea why it took me so long!! Yes, my mind sometimes slips but its like I catch myself falling back into analysing and stop it.

Thank you so much for all your help, no doubt tough times are ahead but I'll just keep not doing and hopefully being back in the moment will start to shine through.

Have a good day :)