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Paul has really helped so many sufferers over the past few years and undoubtedly shares the same views as mine and as a result we have communicated over the years and shared our info. An excellent site that promises no 'total' solution which of course just adds to the panic. We have also supported each others work which is what's needed going forward as there are so many suffering in silence out there...or suffering without the right help.

Ok so you will get my personal views here if I think any website can offer help - this website offers different guidance but struck me with the reference ''The anxious person adds a “touch of” additional fear to the first fear, even though they do not even notice, and for the anxious person these two fears are actually one fear.

This equates to my concept of primary (the fear - normal) to the then secondary forced panic (fear of that fear - our problem) a statement which is on the back of my paperback!!

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