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Knowledge Before Power

So what is dampening?

This is another way to describe that momentary calming where we 'chip' away at our stress. As we will all know, we can frequently feel 'on edge'.

Unfortunately, being always calm and relaxed isn't a state that will be all-controllable and when we feel on edge/anxious after managing to maybe have a good day/hour etc, it can be really deflating when we suddemtly feel edgy and unsettled again. This is why dampening is a good way of explaining how we need to just 'persevere' at a brief calming every time we feel uncomfortable - basically just to divert the temptation to panic force control our discomfort (as this will just make it worse).

Yes, this 'need' to calm may be very frequent and may take a lot of focus to stick with, but over time we can achieve greater control if we stick at it.

So what is hanging on to our stress?

Needless to say - my typical response to feeling uncomfortable was to hang on to that feeling by forcing myself to analyse it. This is referred to as 'Analysis Paralysis' and is something that starts the whole spiral of negative and destructive panic.

Whilst we 'think' we are remedying our stress by reasoning with it/trying to find measures to control it - inadvertently we are holding onto it.

This is explained further in TMW, but the subtle transition from negative thought-recognition to panic analysing is split-second, that's why a mental calming will decelerate that process.

2/7/12 Hey again Will.
Hope and think I am on the right track now. One quick question. I feel like when i just come out of a thought (become aware of it) my mind goes blank and feels like it just freezes for a few seconds or even more like for 20s before the cut-off comes and that feels like a big Jolt in my whole body and my eyes spasm every time. Am i correct in assuming these phenomenons are coming out and cutting off from thoughts? Did you experience similar stuff or heard from others?
At the moment i feel your book is a life saver even thought my blurred mind had problems getting grips on it at first. Are you enjoying summer over there in the UK? Take care. Andreas

On Wed 6/03/13 10:07 PM , M <> wrote: Will, all OK now, many thanks, book has been a revelation. Regards, M 

Oct 2012 Hi Will, Nick Watts, here, hope things are going Ok with you! Just thought I would send you a line to tell you my intentions Things are going really well for me at the moment. Well chuffed for the ways things have turned out. I can really focus on the positive things not and the Anxiety, which is a thing of the past! Been thinking of doing it for a while and I am going to write a book on my experiences with mental illness. I feel it’s the greatest achievement in my life is coming out of the other side of the darkest moments! If it wasn't for your help in seeing people do recover i wouldn't be here today writing this to you. I have total turned things around and now the happy, confident person, i always wanted to be. i have been paragliding for three years now and Speed flying for a year, ( halfway house between a paraglider and a skydiving rig), and have totally overcome my fear! Considering in the dark times I was scared of the shadows on the wall, no bullsh*t!! and I thought there was no, way out! I was ready to quit work!Its just a learned behaviour and now i have learned the other way to become confident in myself. Next year me and my best mate, met though Paragliding are going onto a skydiving course with a view to go base jumping in the future. All i can say is thanks again Will. Ps here is a video of me and my mate speed flying last week...hope all is ok All the best Wattsy