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Knowledge Before Power

What is scaling?

This is a tool often used in education, for example to ensure that 'realistic' progress is made.

To this extent and linking this with anxiety - the sufferer often wants 'everything at once' i.e. complete control from the pain of life. Of course this isn't realistic or achievable. Scaling, therefore, falls very much in line with this recovery strategy of working 'at' calming down over time.

It also helps take the pressure off in terms of not forcing to get total control which is what panic is.

So, to tie in with the 'brief calming' recovery strategy and to keep this as simple as possble - when we feel uncomfortable due to stress and maybe feel our minds racing and our feeling on edge - we can just briefly calm at each stress point to avoid that forcing reaction of panic to get total control.

As 'part' of that brief calming - this can include all things listed on the 'Focus not Force'... for example - stepping out of a situation that you feel will make you worse i.e. shopping mall - or not looking at your phone for a while/taking a break from whatever it is that is making you feel stressed. 

These calming strategies are all aimed at reducing your stress (and it's certainly not good for your health) and if you score yourself in terms of your stress level and you think your an 8/10 for example - calming can then be scored as you go along in terms of steadily bringing that score down. If you keep feeling stressed then you must persevere every time you spike (feel uncomfortable) and although this can take a long time, expecially during very stressful periods - you will eventually get through them. The alternative will be to panic control and force which will stop you making progress.

All in all - we can 'only' make progress with a brief calming at spike point - if we do anything 'more' it will hold on to that stress rather than reduce it. As part of that brief calming - our flowing habits of scaling/or other measures to reduce our stress will help us move more towards a calmer flow and a happier, more focused life.

Indeed, I often used to think that stepping out of situations was a sign of weakness...hence I would stand and analyse/fight my discomfort - but now I understand the way I am and move 'with that' rather than against it. It doesn't mean we are weak or avoid situations all the time - it just means we're changing the way we do things to make 'us' feel happier.