Simple steps to recover from panic and

Simple Steps

We've got to allow 'everything' in

1. we have very intense, quick-thinking minds - a mind that can be going a million miles an hour at times

2. Instead of trying to stop this, we simply have to keep flowing 'with it'

3. This can be a disconcerting feeling at times, but we can slowly realise it is essential we allow our 'spread' as we simply can't help it (see 'automatic subconscious state' Ch 5). The pain is actually in the reacting

4. This reacting is typified by us tensing up 'against' that flow - we resist it. That tensing is forced and unnecessary and takes 'more effort' than not tensing, hence why recovery is a not do

5. It is a mental tensing process of analysis/reasoning and also forced controlling (see 'repetitive controlling/obsessive disorders' Ch 4/6)

6. The height of true self-confidence is to go 'with you' and not against you - even with that brilliant, intense and fantastically creative, but sensitive mind

''don't tense against any of your thinking''