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Trust in YOU

  You can't help your spread...
It's pointless trying to fight the pain as it's already 'just happened' by the time you become aware of it. If you do 'more' than just leave it - you will make things worse
...accept your flow

The whole point of this website is to outline my experiences and understanding of anxiety and the subsequent panic that follows. Itís taken me years of suffering and absolute devastation to actually work out 'what' was going wrong - internally trying to work out what 'was' my problem. However by sticking with the hope of recovery and believing that there would be an answer, I have finally managed to live a more confident existence - where I have also noticed massive positive changes, where flowing in the moment has revealed so much more of my positive side!

Despite suffering from horribly anxious and stressful spells - and also the depression that can follow - I actually relaised that by living in flow - or the moment - these spells 'do' pass, as I simply dont hold onto them any more.

That recovery experience without any quick 'catch-all' fixes has also made me determined to try and help people suffering.

If anything on this website helps you or if you need to contact me feel free to email me and I will try my best to help! The Mind Works is an account of my experiences through a life of almost constant discomfort and disorientation, which hopefully gives useful pointers including real life situations and 'Advice Column' sections where you can see things that are similar to your experiences.

The main thing I realised, is that itís essential we live in flow - flow being a momentary existence where we donít hold onto any thoughts ...negative or positive, as it can also be that temptation for the panic sufferer who wants to overcontrol bad feelings to then hold on to any subsequent positives that may 'come in', which we then grab hold of and cling on to for dear life.