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Trust in YOU

This website is dedicated to helping people understand what's happening to them when they feel anxious. More importantly, understanding what's happening when stress takes a hold is vital in helping us 'avoid' the follow-on - which is what I realised caused so much 'more' suffering.

Take a look below and see how this confusion with anxiety can cause so many afflictions - some or many may apply to you. 

his is a pretty exhaustive list. These are all examples from the Advice Column sections of The Mind Works and, of course, there are more! However, such is the extent to which we can become embroiled in analysis paralysis - the cumulative effect of panic can bring in all of these scary extreme thoughts.

Do you feel you're on edge constantly/very frequently?

Do you seem to stop, or seize up with your thoughts not knowing what to 'do' with them?
Do you give yourself a hard time?
Do you find you have a very fast mind that races?
Do you check/go back into your thoughts?

Is it like you're in a constant state of alert?
Do you suffer from multiple negatives or feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your thinking?

Do you struggle to concentrate?

Do you get depressed or seem to be ‘stuck’ in a rut with no way out?

Do you obsess, 'lock on' or need control/quickly getting fixated with things?

Do you feel detached from reality or in a dream?

Do you worry incessantly or feel your mind races out of control, making you feel edgy, scared, or on your own?

Do you head 'talk'?
Do you dwell on things or agonise about dilemma's where there are no straight answers which makes you feel really uncomfortable?

Do you feel that you have ‘odd’ or unacceptable thoughts/feelings, that ‘no-one’ else would ever have?
Do you think you're mad?
Do you think something is chemically wrong with you?
Do you obsess about whether medication is the only way out for you?

Do you like to analyse for 'clarity' - or need complete mental control of what you think/feel?

Do you have repetitive habits that become destructive as you can't stop thinking about them?

Do you think in a 'deep' way and see this as unacceptable?
Do you seem lost/in another world in social situations?

Do you feel uneasy with your mind – an intense, racing mind that just ‘won’t’ seem to calm down?

Do you 'lack' confidence in the way you think/act - particularly if it's 'imperfect'?

Do you find you're sometimes ‘scanning’ for negative thoughts – almost looking for them to happen to test/hurt yourself?

Do you feel guilty about the way that you're thinking – especially with the effect it has on those around you?

Do you worry that your best is never good enough and constantly doubt yourself?

Do you try to calm down unsuccessfully – in fact, to the point where you actually tense up more?

Have you lost hope and think ‘everything’ you have tried has just ended up with more misery and desperation?

Do you struggle to concentrate/stay 'on' task, avoid things, or find relationships are affected?

Do you seem to be in a constant 'battle' with your mind?

Do you seem to move on from solution to solution - they work for a while and then everything goes haywire again?

Do you feel medication is not something you would want to rely on, but you have no other option, OR have you tried medication and realised it doesn’t completely solve your problems?

Do you think sometimes you 'have' to worry or things wouldn't get done?

Do you ultimately feel you're on your own, trapped in your own mind with no way out?

Do you force hold on to any positive chances to get control - even repeating these in your head?

30/9/13 - Hi Will and thanks for this - in a way it's kind of weird that I feel the pressure is off now - so many times you think that medication has to be the only answer and you end up almost thinking it is a waste of time trying to figure it for yourself. Of course it isn't easy but when you realise your life really 'is' so much in your grasp - it leaves me with so much more confidence and when you explain it like this, it just makes me so much more determined to 'take part' in my recovery. I also see now that whilst we definitely have a tendency to lurch from crisis to crisis, we can become calmer more positive, resilient people by relying on our flow and sticking with it. Thanks for being there! Regards Jane

Tues 14/5/13 Hi Will, my name is J from Australia and I received your e-book last year. Since then I have been on a slow but mostly successful journey to being healed. I can not thank you enough for your work and help. Honestly, you are a miracle worker. I just wanted to say thankyou and keep up the fantastic work. I was also wondering if you have ever considered expanding your work to this part of the world. These are only thoughts on my behalf, as I myself am now passionate about this cause and would also like to help people in this tough situation. Would u consider planning seminars in Australia for example or maybe having a representative in this part of the world. Just asking mate, and I am in no way mentioning this for monetary reasons. You have changed my life for the better and I would love to help spread your cause in Australia if you have ever considered this. Many thanks again J

''The panic is the problem. I know now I cannot panic anymore ... it's ingrained''- Nick Watts (back cover testimony).

On Sun 10/04/11 6:31 PM , Toby sent: (see also Book Reviews for further)..

Hi Will, I hope all is great with you. Just wanted to drop you a line to say I returned from Sri Lanka on Saturday after the most amazing trip of my life. And guess what? NO panic attacks on planes, or anywhere else for that matter, despite quite intense travelling conditions. I can only say THANK YOU so much for your words of encouragement and "matter of fact" way of dealing with certain thoughts and feelings....I am now living proof that everything you've discovered (primary/secondary thoughts etc) works....absolutely 100%, no doubt. To go from the place I was 2 weeks ago, which was full of dark, negative, fearful thoughts to where I am now is simply, actually it's life-changing. So, once again, thanks so much Will. I can't tell you how much this has changed things for me. All the best to you and I hope that you continue to inspire others with your writing and advice. Toby

Date: 9 May 2008 00:49:04 GMT ''Will, I don't know how to thank you. I think you may have saved my life. Your website instantly got inside my head in the way no psychiatrist, psychologist or self-help book ever has. I always struggled to even describe these thoughts to people but you do it perfectly. I couldn't believe it when I read about your 'AIDS panic'. The same thing happened to me. I went for a test and, like you, the result wasn't enough to allay my fears so I went for another one!'' Thanks again, Murray

2/7/12 Hey again Will.

Hope and think I am on the right track now. One quick question. I feel like when i just come out of a thought (become aware of it) my mind goes blank and feels like it just freezes for a few seconds or even more like for 20s before the cut-off comes and that feels like a big Jolt in my whole body and my eyes spasm every time. Am i correct in assuming these phenomenons are coming out and cutting off from thoughts? Did you experience similar stuff or heard from others?

At the moment i feel your book is a life saver even thought my blurred mind had problems getting grips on it at first. Are you enjoying summer over there in the UK? Take care. Andreas

On Wed 6/03/13 10:07 PM , M <> wrote: Will, all OK now, many thanks, book has been a revelation. Regards, M

Oct 2012 Hi Will, Nick Watts, here, hope things are going Ok with you! Just thought I would send you a line to tell you my intentions Things are going really well for me at the moment. Well chuffed for the ways things have turned out. I can really focus on the positive things not and the Anxiety, which is a thing of the past! Been thinking of doing it for a while and I am going to write a book on my experiences with mental illness. I feel it’s the greatest achievement in my life is coming out of the other side of the darkest moments! If it wasn't for your help in seeing people do recover i wouldn't be here today writing this to you. I have total turned things around and now the happy, confident person, i always wanted to be. i have been paragliding for three years now and Speed flying for a year, ( halfway house between a paraglider and a skydiving rig), and have totally overcome my fear! Considering in the dark times I was scared of the shadows on the wall, no bullsh*t!! and I thought there was no, way out! I was ready to quit work!Its just a learned behaviour and now i have learned the other way to become confident in myself. Next year me and my best mate, met though Paragliding are going onto a skydiving course with a view to go base jumping in the future. All i can say is thanks again Will. Ps here is a video of me and my mate speed flying last week...hope all is ok All the best Wattsy

On Mon 11/05/09 9:33 PM , Brian sent: Hi Will, thank you so much for replying to me. I just wanted to tell you that since my last "desperation" email, I had a great realization while reading your book that I really believe has brought me back to the present.....What brought me back to the present was a quote on one of the last pages of your book. The quote is "Just 'think' what you think...don't force yourself to think." Reading that quote made me realize how hard I had been trying to recover by "forcing" all of the methods of recovery in my head. I was thinking so hard about what you and Paul say, and I wasn't just allowing my normal thoughts to flow, instead, I was further 'intensifying' and 'breaking' the flow. I am feeling so much better now - much like I did when I first found Paul's website a year ago, and I can tell it is just going to get better for me as time goes on. I wanted to share this with you just to let you know the impact you have had on my life. Thank you so much, your doing a great thing, and I know so many people are grateful for that. Thank you, Brian