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Trust in YOU

Awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation

Working my way to a calmer state

So do you get very easily worked up and on edge?

Of course, this can be a very uncomfortable feeling and has plagued me for the best part of my life, however, with experience and diligence I eventually learned what was going on and how to cope with this without medication.

For me, this was the understanding that when we feel on edge or overloaded with negative thoughts we can spike automatically (which is our mind's way of protecting us and bringing us out of those thoughts) ...however it is at that spike point that we can make a crucial decision whether to re-investigate and tense up further, or listen to what our mind's telling us.

This tensing up further is our attempt to gain complete control (through panic) of our uncomfortable state and this is what I did that just added to my edginess and this then became destructive and obsessive (see Analysis Paralysis).

The main point here is that whilst I learned that calming is important, it can only be a brief 'taking the foot off the pedal' process ....a mental process which we have to do every time we sense that temptation to panic at spike point.

That's my journey which brought me down to a calmer level and made it a more successful attempt rather than a destructive one.

Got a fast mind?

This website has been set up to help those who suffer from anxiety and to answer the many questions as to 'why' we suffer.

Of course, there are so many other charactersitics that 'come with' being an anxiety sufferer...being sensitive - wanting everything to be under control/right etc, but more importantly - this website is designed to show you that you 'can' exist and lead a happy, more focused life without necessarily lurching from one solution/ritual to the next or indeed, relying on meds to get you through.

Whilst it's my story - it's nevertheless shaped by other peoples experiences and also their contributions (see Comments section).