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Trust in YOU

Awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation'

So! How do we get focus?

Focused people tend to be very successful and also 'in the moment' and this is where I'll start!

It's NOT something we can falsely create - it unfortunately has to be earned...and this is why the statement 'no pain, no gain' is so true.

Yes, none of us like stress, but the 'way' to get through it and move forward in life is truly to let it happen and not react to it. As a result, I am far more focused in my life and that hasn't always been the case. Now, because I stopped fighting my moment, I actually gave myself the chance to move on and through the bad times, without holding onto them...and surprisingly, I have become far more adept as handling the stresses through learning. I now operate so much more in the moment - stress can make you hang on to the moment to 'try' to fix it, but it's all gone by the time you do that (see 'cut-offs').

Hopefully things will start to make sense as you read the next few pages but to summarise - we can only move forward in life if we avoid fighting it and what it brings with it - good, bad and downright ugly!

Panic and anxiety are becoming ever-more prevalent in the stressful society that we live in.

After years of suffering and 'trying' to find a solution to my ills, I eventually managed to understand what that feeling of that 'relief' actually was...

As Nick says ''The panic is the problem. I know now I cannot panic anymore ... it's ingrained''- (back cover testimony).

So, this website is very much about learning how to 'go with' all your thoughts and feelings and of course that spectrum covers the good, the bad and the ugly! However what this site also tries to explain to those with an intense mindset is if we resist our natural spread of thoughts then we will make bigger issues of stressful things that will become even more intense and destructive as we unwittingly hang onto them.

On Mon 11/05/09 9:33 PM , Brian sent: Hi Will, thank you so much for replying to me. I just wanted to tell you that since my last "desperation" email, I had a great realization while reading your book that I really believe has brought me back to the present.....What brought me back to the present was a quote on one of the last pages of your book. The quote is "Just 'think' what you think...don't force yourself to think." Reading that quote made me realize how hard I had been trying to recover by "forcing" all of the methods of recovery in my head. I was thinking so hard about what you and Paul say, and I wasn't just allowing my normal thoughts to flow, instead, I was further 'intensifying' and 'breaking' the flow. I am feeling so much better now - much like I did when I first found Paul's website a year ago, and I can tell it is just going to get better for me as time goes on. I wanted to share this with you just to let you know the impact you have had on my life. Thank you so much, your doing a great thing, and I know so many people are grateful for that. Thank you, Brian